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vero branding visual brand designer branding for wellness creatives and heart-driven conscious mindful small business owners from denver colorado

The good that your business does in the world isn’t as impactful as it could be when its visual branding isn’t aligned

With a solid visual branding that’s aligned to your business’ purpose, you’ll be able to make stronger connections, easier sales, and make more impact by helping even more people feel better naturally.

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On time, on budget, and beautifully

Verô was such a delight to work with. She helped us expand and refine our existing branding, on time, on budget, and beautifully!


"Above and beyond."


"I finally feel like I own my brand."


"Verô NAILS IT every single time."


Verô made us feel confident from the start

As an early stage brand, getting into a rhythm with a creative process is not easy, but Verô made us feel confident from the start. Verô is a one-of-a-kind pleasure to work with - she is not only highly creative but also detail oriented, honest with her work, and always on time with delivery.


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My kind of design is rooted in purpose and built with consistency for impactful communication and to stand the test of time

Hey there, I’m Verô!

I’m a purposeful brand designer that uses intentional visual branding and design to help your wellness and purpose-driven brand make a strong impact on your customers. 

My goal is to help you attract more ideal clients so that you can help them and the world feel better.

I grew up in São Paulo, Brazil, in a family with a Native American background. My afternoons and weekends were spent growing herbal medicine.

Later, I moved to the U.S. and found yoga. Or, should I say, yoga found me? I finished a 200hr certification in 2018 and still continue to have an avid curiosity about other alternative health practices that help people feel healthy and happy.

At the same time, I completed my BFA degree in Graphic Design at SCAD, Atlanta.

And worked in different advertising agencies for brands like eBay, Capital One, MD Anderson, Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola, AT&T, amongst others. Eventually, I followed my heart in a new direction.

The idea to unite my passion for healing and design initially sparked as I found myself always striving to support others in the health and wellness industry with my design skills.

Work with Verô

Having now worked with over 100+ heart-driven brands over the years, I have cultivated a design process that helps my clients connect and communicate with their target audience in an authentic, impactful, and intentional way.


Improved brand loyalty, increased sales conversion, and a whole lot of client love!

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vero branding visual brand designer branding for wellness creatives and heart-driven conscious mindful small business owners from denver colorado

Healing the world through design

I deeply believe that you’ve landed on this planet to make a difference with your voice and vision. I’m here to help you translate your unique essence into visual format within your small business because the world needs just that, right now.

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