DIY a polished brand & web design

For non-designers, coaches, practitioners and small business owners

Create your brand identity and website faster and in alignment with your true personality.

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If you're a female business owner who wants to brand your new business, this bundle is for you.

After a decade of experience in building brand identities as a professional brand designer…

I know that a powerful brand identity goes beyond having a pretty logo, colors or fonts.

The secret ingredient?

It's you! You need a brand kit that connects your unique business to visuals that make you stand out online. This bundle is perfect if you don't have brand identity yet and would love to have a brand presence that sells and that makes a powerful first impression with your dream clients.


The power of doing your brand right from the start

If I say "beverage company that uses the color red", you'll immediately think: Coca Cola!

That's because visuals speak faster than words do, but you probably already knew that.

The thing is, in today's highly visual world, simply having a good looking brand isn't enough.

It's so easy to blend in (or worse...look amateurish) when you don't choose a brand kit that's authentically you or that represents your unique business.

And by not choosing the right brand identity from the start, not only you miss out on establishing your expertise right now, but you also miss the mind blowing level of trust and familiarity your consistent brand will create for your business with time.

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An intentional and powerful brand from launch

That's what I want for you. This way your authentic brand can grow as your business grows and you'll skyrocket the impact you're here to do.

It's me again, your brand partner!

I have a decade of experience working with many small businesses helping them build long-lasting brands that are intentional, mindful and authentic.

I built Get Your Brand & Website Together because when starting a business, wearing all the hats and bootstrapping, it can be challenging to hire a professional for everything.

Most times that's not even an option. (I know because that's how I started too!)


So I asked myself–

What if there was a reliable way to DIY your brand identity and website, so that you already build a solid foundation that can grow as your business grows?

Without knowing all the design-y lingo, having an eye for design or being a creative.

Without the complexity of going to branding school (or getting another degree).

Without having to use the Adobe software or having to learn a new fancy tech platform.

Without spending months trying to figure your brand or having to rebrand every 6 months.

The method inside is the same I use to create unforgettable brands for my clients.

It's built to get you moving and ready to launch so you can get to doing the work you love doing.

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You don't need to be a designer or even be a tech wizard.

Inside there are 80+ small business owners (who aren't designers or tech-pros) and they all say the process is easy, breezy, lemon, squeezy.

By being strategic and intentional, we pick the right brand kit for you and get you moving forward so you can focus on more important things: building trust with your audience and getting paying clients.

Forget the Canva rabbit hole overwhelm.

I know it's easy to spend hours upon hours trying to figure out which brand colors, brand fonts and visual elements should be in your brand kit.

Not only is it time-consuming, but it can also be really frustrating! And when you're finally done gathering brand assets, you may not even feel happy with your brand image.

Inside Get Your Brand Together you have a streamlined framework with recommendations and resources I specifically chose for you. Pick your logo, fonts and colors and get moving!

Built for a new service-based small business owner who wants to DIY and nail her brand's visual identity & website.

  If you're tired of spending hours circling in Canva, trying to figure out your brand but not getting anywhere.

✦  If you're so done with downloading all the branding freebies because they're not actually helping you DIY a sustainable brand.

✦  If you're launching a new business and wanting to have a website but picking the colors and fonts feels like baking macarons in the hot summer

...then Get Your Brand & Website Together is for you!

Everything on how to:

• Create your logo wordmark

• Pick your brand colors using color psychology

• Choose the right fonts that work on Canva and Squarespace

• Build your style guide and have a consistent brand

• Use your brand kit in Canva

• Create more designs using your new brand and Canva

• Create your website on Squarespace

…Complete with all the tech tutorials and templates you need to make this fast and easy for you!

Just imagine having your logo, brand colors and website ready to roll

You'll already know the elements to pick so your brand looks consistent.

You won't need to spend time looking at the blank canvas looking back at you for hours.

You'll already have an authentic brand that connects with your people, that you can use over and over and that makes your ideal clients scroll all the way to the buy button.


80+ students inside have created their one-of-a-kind brands

Here's what they have said:

 GYBT is perfect for values-driven business-owners who need help translating how their business feels into visual form.

The prompting strategy questions revealed qualities of my business that I wasn’t able to articulate before. These insights directly influenced my fonts and colors, and continue to keep my branding grounded in the core of my business.

– Emily, Self Over Should

As someone who is not a graphic designer, I really appreciated the parts of the course that just laid out for me what I should do.

For instance: Choosing 2-3 brand colours! It absolutely never would have occurred to me to do that and yet now it makes complete sense in order to have a cohesive look.

– Victoria, Questions Unasked

The most helpful part was learning about hex codes, learning about canva, defining my brand vision / mission statement / core values / target audience.

It was easy to apply the learnings, very seamless and straightforward - the audio tutorials were so helpful!

– Hailey, Hygge Wellness Retreat

Understanding the core basics (color, font, etc.), it was very helpful to getting me started. It was very easy to apply the learnings to my own work.

–Goldie, H.A.V.E Solutions

What exactly is inside?

Get Your Brand Together

With my proprietary brand method, you'll see how easy it is to apply your authentic style into your brand kit. You'll map out your brand's visual identity mindfully. We'll make sure you create a recognizable brand kit that your people will love.

Pre-made Branded Starter Kits

If the thought of starting your brand kit from a blank canvas feels terrifying, you're not alone.

Inside you'll find 4 starter brand kits proven to speed up the creation process.

Take it, modify it, make it your own.

Get Your Website Together

Build your website on Squarespace and hit publish by the end of the week. Includes the step-by-step video, the copy guide and how to make your website’s user experience the best so you captivate potential clients all the way to the buy button. (It’s the same process I use with private clients and it works!)

Announce Your New Brand On Instagram

Workbook and video guide on steps you can take to rebrand mindfully and what you need to do to announce your new brand on social media. Plus, launch visuals to help you unveil your new brand to the world and get the buzz your brand deserves on social media.

Tutorials To Build Your Brand Kit Inside Canva

No sweat. I'll show you how you can build and customize your brand kit step-by-step on video.

You'll learn how to find the perfect brand fonts, logos and brand colors for your own brand identity.

The Ultimate Font Guide Database

A database I built for you in Notion noting all free fonts that work both in Canva and Squarespace. With bonus filtering for the ones I recommend using the most (in case you're indecisive), fonts for titles, body copy or something else.

A Full Year Of Access

12 months to make your brand dreams come true. Your own password-protected access in an organized and safe platform.

Color Psychology Guide

Colors convey emotions, so when picking new hues for your brand we need to make sure it evokes the exact feelings that attract the right audience and pulls them even closer to you. 

Pro Resources Database

Anything from where to find good free fonts and type foundries I recommend to where to find good inspiration for your style. Also with bonus filtering for the resources I love, recommend and use the most (to speed up your web surfing even more).

Real Businesses Examples

I always learn better when I'm able to see other's work in action. Are you like that too? Included are some examples of feedback sessions and hands-on work to help you navigate unleashing your creative goddess in Canva.


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Branding #Facts

Your brand identity evokes emotions, triggers curiosity, tells stories and attracts your dream clients to you. We make your brand work for you by building your brand guidelines with the right visual attributes.

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say authenticity is a significant factor in supporting a brand.

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