A love letter from you next month to you today

“Girl, it was a powerful month!”
From: You next month
To: You today


I often write these emails to myself and schedule them to “send” to myself every month, every season, every year. It’s my way of seeing where I want to be and then taking aligned action to get there. 


Future you wrote one for you today after signing up for Bring Your Brand To Life:


Hey love, 


You will not even believe how high of a level you'll be operating from at the end of this month, get ready! I know you’re feeling all over the place today with the new business and all the hats you’re wearing but give yourself some grace. You’re learning something brand new every day and to be the CEO of your own company is pretty badass–I’m so proud of you!


This month you learned something that absolutely transformed your business–the power of your own essence. It feels freeing and clearer to be able to uniquely express yourself through your brand in a way that resonates with your dream clients. 


Because you spent time this month going deep into the soul of your brand and solidifying every piece of it with intention, you now also have more time in your hands. Yeah baby, the brand work is done and now you can focus on the work that blows your skirt up!


You learned a lot of timeless information that you’ll be able to keep and utilize in your business forever. I cannot wait for you to see how beautiful and aligned your new brand looks on the other side! I’m celebrating you over here. 


Love, next month’s You.


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It’s next level results that come from within.

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