Are you feeding your branding fast food graphics?

🍭 $5 for a logo on Fiverr
🍩 Using the Canva logo generator to come up with 8 different logos
🍔 Copying something generic on Pinterest

The list of junk “food” goes on.


Just like fast food isn’t good for your internal health, junk brand elements can possibly hurt your business in the long-run. (Plus, spoiler alert, your brand will probably look like someone else’s 💔)


II know your goal is to:

👉 take mindful steps to achieve your new business' branding quickly.

👉 feel rooted and confident to pick precise elements for your visual identity.

👉 feel confident to build a powerful and impactful brand for your small business.

👉 begin building a brand that people recognize because you’ll use it consistently.


But, just like so many people, you struggle with:

💥 Not knowing where to start

💥 Not understanding what makes your brand unique 

💥 Not being able to emotionally connect with your audience

💥 Not creating aligned graphic visuals that makes your potential clients say “oh la la!”

It all begins with mindful action and alignment from inside out.

Don't know where to even begin? Let me show you inside my Get Your Brand Together Masterclass. Learn the entire foundation necessary to build the most effective visual branding for your heart-centered business.


So just head over here to get started. 

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