Giving your wellness brand’s magic power the ability to shine

My newly upgraded Visual Branding Intensive was on my mind while I was driving through a field of cows this past week.

I just came back from a 14hr roadtrip across the midwest and noticed two very distinct types of cow farms: the ones where the cows have plenty of open space, walked and ate around, bathed in the sun. These looked so happy, colorful and relaxed. And then, there were the farms that crammed a bunch in one strict space. These looked sad, in an environment that was very dark.

Having space to breathe and the whole happy, colorful and relaxed vibe was the inspiration around me upgrading my Visual Branding Intensive to be 2 weeks long.

My intention is to give you even more room to breathe and to give your brand’s magic power the ability to shine as we work through it with even more depth and intentionality.

When we work on your Visual Branding Intensive, we go deep into all the feelings and your business’ unique needs. We build a brand in alignment from the start. We don't throw colors together, there's so much intention and value in every decision.

What’s more, after our two weeks you get nurturing and support from your branding coach (me!) for two more weeks. Using your new visual branding doesn’t need to feel like a job you dread doing, it’ll feel creative, inspiring and magnetic. Whether you need design feedback, clarity, or someone to celebrate all your milestones with, I’m one call away.

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