Building a brand with heart & soul

When I found this note that I wrote 4 years ago this month, I realized I had manifested my business today. đŸ’«

4 years ago I was working at a fancy NYC Midtown-Manhattan ad agency (think Mad Men), often retreating to Central Park to cry. I was so out of alignment with what I was doing.

I was designing for vanity, just to sell for clients and products I didn't believe in. I was feeling really lost. That day I wrote the note though, I was handed a brief to refresh Johnson & Johnson's brand. I had the chance to do it on my own and test my process by looking deeply into their story and what they stand for. It reminded me of what I love, the essence of creating branding and design with a soul.

That was the day I realized that this is exactly the work I was meant to do. Visual branding work that feels incredibly intentional. I found my identity and purpose. I wrote that note to myself that day four years ago that when I turned 30, that I'd have my own business doing exactly that. And here I am today, I've worked and consulted with over 100 conscious + health and wellness companies on their branding as the owner of my own business just as I wrote on that note.

What I do with branding for my clients is all about creating connection and deep meaning. Helping those who help others to fully step into and own their identity.

In my Visual Branding Intensive, I work with purpose-driven business owners to bring their brand essence to life through their visual identity.

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