Do I need to download the fancy Adobe software to brand my business?

You: Do I need to download the fancy Adobe software and be tech savvy to Bring MY Brand To Life? (🤞please say no.🤞)



You know how important visual branding is for your business BUT you'd rather spend your precious time in your zone of genius: connecting with potential clients or being anywhere else but in front of your computer for HOURS trying to learn a complex new software.

If the thought of learning a whole new complex program in order to design your brand identity makes you get under the blankets and binge watch Netflix, then listen closely.

There's nothing wrong with fancy graphic design tools (I use them!), but you need to have the knowledge and deeply know your brand before using any design tools to bring your brand to life in a more effective way. 

It's as if you got the fancy schmancy smoothie blender but no ingredients or recipe to actually make the yummy smoothie. 🍌🥤

So then when you know this knowledge for your unique brand, it makes using all the tools (fancy or not) so much easier and it empowers you to be self-sufficient moving forward.

Self sufficiency is powerful. 

I work closely with my clients and students and teach them and empower them to maintain their visual brand identity themselves so they feel self-sufficient and have that transformation that's sustainable.

Let's create the most impactful and magnetic visual brand identity on your own time inside Bring Your Brand To Life, my self-paced program that brings you total mastery of your brand identity. Tech skills are not required!


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