It wasn't "normal". 


Wellness and purpose-driven industries weren't this popular years ago.


There weren't a lot of visual branding studios focusing on branding for wellness and purpose-driven brands. Many people around me doubted that my business could even lift off the ground. 


I used to think that I needed to fit in a very specific business mould to have a successful brand and a profitable business. 


People around me told me that, where I came from told me that and eventually I told myself that too. 🥸


It was a belief I realized that wasn’t mine, so I opened this visual branding business working for wellness brands anyway. 


⚡️ And that’s exactly when I tapped into my true power for the first time and realized it was my mission all along. 💥


Tapping into your true power is what I do when working with wellness and purpose-driven entrepreneurs.


I help you dive into your inner essence and then transform it into a visual format in your magnetic branding. This branding work empowers you to stand in your true authority and by doing so, more clients and more opportunities are drawn to you.


When you are able to own your mission and find success on your own, you can help others to do the same, and this work changes the world on a deep level.


I'm holding space for you in my Visual Branding Intensive to help you tap into your true power too. Click here to submit your application.

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