The soul of your brand isn't that last thing you saved in your Pinterest board.

Last year I felt like I was missing something, a shiny treasure I had to "(re)discover." So I went on to experiment with a bunch of alternative practices and business frameworks.

I signed up for a variety of coaching programs looking for that thing, as if someone would look at me with x-ray vision and tell me line by line what this magic recipe was. The loose information and "inspiration" of what i was told my identity should really be was so overwhelming, trendy and so "off" that I dropped the ball, I let it go.

That's when the shiny thing I was chasing sparked, it was the essence inside myself. It wasn't out there, written on a manual anywhere or on a pretty Pinterest inspiration board. It was built in: my purpose, beliefs, vision, my why. It's unique to me and nobody else has it.

I believe this is true for your brand too–it has its unique essence and personality that brings your visuals to life and gets deep into your clients hearts. It's already built in too and when you use it intentionally you attract the right people and feel more confident in your brand. Your grass is always greener whatever that means to YOU.


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