You're worrying about the wrong branding things.

I know how it is when you start a small business. (<– I’ve been there too!)

You’re a sponge trying to learn everything with:
📚 all the online knowledge
💥 the overwhelming social media noise
💸 and wearing all the hats on a very tight budget.

You downloaded all the branding freebies you could possibly find ✅

Then you hop on Canva and…
you don't even know where to begin.
you’re overwhelmed by the options.

Canva, Squarespace, and all the programs are amazing but for them to be kick-ass tools, you need to get there prepared.

Imagine building a house with all the right tools but no blueprint, branding is the same idea.

When you have your building blocks in place, creating a more impactful brand on your own is way more sustainable and feels natural.

✨ Your building blocks = self-sufficiency.
✨ Self-sufficiency = power.

Take your blocks to all the tools you need and you’re only set to succeed.

In the Get Your Brand Together Masterclass, I’ll take you through all the building blocks you need to start your branding on the right foot.

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Get Your Brand Together

You’ll learn the entire branding process and every visual identity piece you'll need to get your branding started with clarity, ease and efficiency.