Your essence is your anchor.

If you catch yourself in the comparison game

chasing the wrong (pretty) squirrels 

and applying trends to your brand because someone else is using it and it works for them. (😏 #rosegold)

take a deep breath and come back to your essence.


The purpose-driven business owners I’ve helped throughout my many years in branding have come to me comparing their brands to every other brand on IG and copying attractive styles left and right too. It’s common.


When I helped them get clarity in their branding and move away from this comparison game, though, they were able to get their brands out into the world confidently and make a REALLY big impact.



😻 serving thousands of people with their expertise

😻 opening new brick and mortar stores

😻 launching profitable courses

😻 making million-dollar deals with their businesses

That’s because when you unite your unique essence with your branding, you attract the people who are truly here for YOU. 


Let me show you how to connect with your essence and bring it to life in your branding inside my Get Your Brand Together Masterclass. ✨

Grab your notebook and meet me on the other side!

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