Bring Your Brand To Life

Learn how to design magnetic visuals like a pro, win over your ideal customers’ hearts, and launch your new purposeful brand with confidence.

vero branding course for creatives

A self-paced, step-by-step online learning experience

For purpose-driven business owners who are ready to take their brand from “confusing, inconsistent and template-y” to “clear, unique, and authentic” and mindfully move their heart-centered small business to the next level.

Ready? Let’s get you ready for some branding magic!
branding course for health and wellness businesses

If I say get me that soda in the red and white can, what brand comes to mind?

You’re probably rolling your eyes and thinking “ Coca-Cola and Cadbury, that was *so* obvious”

But have you ever wondered why these brands popped into your mind instantly?

Is Coca-Cola really the only soda that comes in a red and white can?


You see, this was not luck. Your guess wasn’t random.

branding course for startup

This is about branding your visuals with intent.

This is about these companies having a strategic branding method and sticking to it for years!

Until attaching a red and white can of soda becomes second nature to their audience.


Second nature to YOU.


Psyched out yet? Let’s keep going...

intentional branding course

Nailing your visual branding is a superpower that can catapult your business to new heights.




Let’s bring it closer to home.


What the local produce you buy?

Do you always grab the same glass bottle of local farm milk? 

reviews on branding course visual aesthetics

How about this website?

What convinced you to click through and learn more about Vero Branding and Bring My Brand Yo Life? I am so glad you did, by the way!


There was probably a soothing color, an interesting shape, a thought-provoking word, a witty phrase that caught your eye and stole your heart. And, even if just for a brief moment, you were captivated, intrigued, interested.


You leaned in and decided this was worth more than just a second of your time.

You opened yourself up to a world of possibilities. One where you will be experiencing a transformation that brings you calmness, joy, excitement, happiness, health, and more!

That’s the power of effective visual branding.

It evokes emotions

It triggers curiosity

It tells stories

It connects like-minded people together

OMG cut to the chase already, I want in!

But you already knew this- that’s why you’re here.

vero branding intentional course for creatives

You’re here because you are a purpose-driven small business owner looking for an intentional way to grow your baby business confidently.

You are amazing at what you do.

You care about the people you serve.

You whole-heartedly know what your purpose is and are ready to embody it.

You want your ideal customers to know that you are here to help, that together you can make a positive impact in this world!

And- let’s be honest- you’ve pretty much had enough of seeing greedy unethical brands use sleazy marketing tactics and false promises that are causing more harm than good.

I mean, isn’t it about time the ones who
actually care about putting their customers first start winning?

So, you start doing the smart thing - you start thinking about branding.

But something feels...“off”

vero branding course for health and wellness brands

Some days it feels alright

And other days you just want to wrap yourself up in a warm blanket and forget that your business even exists! 

You live in a constant state of confusion, bouncing between “this looks great!” and “what was I thinking?”

And let me guess:

Notes from free online webinars are piling up.

They have been so inspiring but still, you can’t seem to get the ball rolling. All those free branding guides you downloaded are still in the “downloaded” folder, unseen. 

You’ve hardly touched it, but your free trial to Canva Pro is about to expire in 3..2..gone.

So you set up your bank details and press confirm. Your heart flutters, now what?

You’re spending your mornings journaling what your perfect brand looks like.

Only to feel even more inspired the next month and start over again, this is what being a creative is all about, right? Right?!

Your Instagram and Pinterest overflowing with saves.

Feels like we’ve reached indefinite scroll up over there.

You’re considering hiring a one-off designer off Fiverr or somewhere else that’s affordable to get you going...

But deep down you know that asking for a low-cost logo without a plan will just end up being a waste of time + money.

And now you’re left feeling:


because you don’t know what branding even means and where to start. What you do know is that everyone doing obviously you need it too, right?


because this whole branding ish is messing with your commitment to intentional living and putting your customers first...You seriously start to consider just going with pink and ignore everything else. After all, It’s been your favorite color since you were 5!


because anytime you doodle logo ideas, It feels like it’s good, and then when you look at it again, it feels like a toddler is playing with crayons for the first time. You don’t even dare to share this with my friends and close ones, let alone prospective clients…


because you keep seeing this other business owner you adore go through a total rebrand on Instagram and added gold glitters to her packaging. Should you add glitters to yours too? It’s so pretty!


about the future because the idea of creating your brand feels like a make-or-break situation. What if you pick the wrong colors or graphics and it completely ruins your chances of growth and hitting your long-term goals? You have big visions and you cannot seem to figure out how to align your current brand with it.


because you find yourself always changing your mind when it comes to your colors, fonts, and website design. Is this a time loop? It feels like it’s been going on forever and ever and ever get my point.

You read my mind, Vero! Let’s do this!

Here's some real-life numbers that will get you thinking.

You have less than 1 second to communicate to your ideal customer that you’re different from others.


+ That what you have to offer was designed carefully and intentionally for them

+ That what you are putting out matters. 



The Human Brain processes visual information 60,000 x faster than text.

That’s a lot of 0s. I’ll let that seep in for a moment.

But! If you’re not mindblown yet, you will be now:


of consumers say authenticity is a significant factor in supporting a brand.


the average time for consumers to form an opinion of a company.


the increase in revenue consistent brands experience.


of shoppers stay loyal to brands that share their values.

So if you haven’t figured it out yet by now, your visual branding is key to building a successful intentional business. 

visual branding DIY conscious business

If only there was a cool deck of tarot cards you can buy online to finally help you gain clarity on what to do next.


You’d pull out a card and know exactly where to click on Canva - just like that!

Listen! Although I do own a pretty impressive set of crystals and tarot cards, I can tell you that that’s not what you need if you want to create effortless and impactful visual branding for your business.

Ready? Let’s get you ready for some branding magic!

But, hey, why should you even listen to me, right?

vero branding visual identity course for wellness businesses

Hi, I’m Verô.

Purposeful brand designer for heart-centered businesses, certified yoga teacher, and alternative medicine passionate.

After many years of working with over 100+ brands across the world including eBay, Capital One, MD Anderson, Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola, and AT&T, I decided my life was leading me in a different direction. 

Now, I work exclusively with health & wellness brands, helping them heal the world through design. With clarity, creativity, and a whole lot of love.

intentional branding course

The idea for Bring Your Brand To Life came to me in the midst of a pandemic

After seeing inequality issues surfacing over and over again. The realization hit suddenly: the wellness industry is built only for those who can afford it.

visual branding course for health and wellness brands

Now more than ever in modern history, small businesses are suffering. Conscious business owners, who are dedicated to who they serve are facing challenges that are sometimes, sadly, unsurmountable.

And without strong branding, it becomes even harder for them to set themselves apart, reach their ideal customers, and secure their business so they can ride through these tough times confidently.

branding course for startup

You were meant to share your gifts, help others and build a wonderful business!

And, that’s why I decided to step in and do my part in making it happen.

My mission is to heal the world through branding + design.

To empower conscious, purpose-driven entrepreneurs and small businesses move to the next level and make a bigger impact through authentic brand designing.


How? With a solid branding foundation and a trusted process that you can rely on for the years to come.

Visual Branding is not Rocket Science

but there IS a science to it.

reviews on branding course DIY

You see, I have spent the past years working for top design and advertising agencies.


And if there’s one thing you need to know about agencies it’s that agency life is incredibly high-paced. I designed entire campaigns in a couple of days, created brand identities from scratch, and designed entire websites in a crazy short period of time. 

What I learned from this experience?

That “quick and easy fixes”  and “make it look beautiful” alone don’t work.

vero branding intentional branding course

You see, too many small businesses get swayed by pretty designs on Canva or Pinterest without giving much thought to how these designs align with their brand purpose.

When you have a clear process, creating your visual brand identity will get your audience to stop, soak in the creativity, and ponder on the meaning behind what they see. Think about those times you stopped and contemplated a beautiful painting in an Art Gallery.

branding course for startup healthcare

That’s the secret sauce to a timeless, unique, and impactful brand.

A brand that is strong from the very get-go and will always be in your corner for the years to come.

A brand that embodies you instead of imitating what someone else is doing, with tiny tweaks to “differentiate”.

A brand that connects instantly with the right people.

And, as importantly, a brand that will help make a real impact, sell more, and build a sustainable, profitable business.

OMG cut to the chase already, I want in!

Success stories - from other purpose-driven business owners.

I feel like I will be able to move forward feeling confident with branding.” 


Selecting colors took the longest to feel “right.” Eventually, through the resources/tools you shared in the guide, I found a palette that clicks.”


“I have more alignment with my brand’s personality through color, emotion, and feeling”


“As an early stage brand, getting into a rhythm with a creative process is not easy, but Verô made us feel confident from the start."


Bring Your Brand To Life

Come be part of our family! 30+ new small business owners are already buzzing inside, making their authentic brand.

Get started right now

Sorry, come again? Oh, you don't have time for yet another branding course?

Perfect. Because this isn’t just another branding course. In fact, I steer clear from calling it an online course at all!

best visual branding course for health and wellness business
reviews on branding course for wellness business


What I’ve designed is an intentional online learning experience that will get you to reflect, gain precious branding insights, and feel empowered to move forward. 


You’ll gain access to knowledge I have acquired over years of experience, lessons learned, and working with some of the biggest brands out there.


So. Can. You.

As I said, it’s not rocket science. But there IS a science to it.

Bring Your Brand To Life was designed to make you think and act like a professional brand designer

By helping you understand how to develop an intentional brand strategy that you can apply to all your visual branding (and messaging!) efforts going forward.

vero branding bring your brand to life intentionally

Bring Your Brand To Life


An online learning experience with a solid, rinse-and-repeat process that you can apply to all your visual branding as you grow your business, pivot, and adapt to your changing audience in the year to come! 

Designed for new biz owners to build an authentic and unique visual branding.

Join Bring Your Brand To Life

But more importantly

A place where you will:

Know your “why” and how to communicate it visually

Get a simple, yet powerful, framework you can always refer to

Feel equipped with the information you need to move forward confidently

Find your flow and move at your own pace, with intention

Find out what makes you truly unique and stand out online

Bring Your Brand To Life deets:




Develop Your Brand Strategy

Every successful brand starts with a well-thought-out strategy. And every successful strategy is intentional, thorough, and actionable. In this module, we are laying a strong foundation for your brand to be built on. So that you are not only creating your brand for today, but also the years ahead.


Master The Brand Fundamentals

My grandma used to say that you can’t make lip-smacking Moqueca until you’ve mastered the basic ingredients - only then can you spice it up to your liking. In this module, we are taking vovo’s advice and applying it to the world of branding. We’ll dive into the ins and outs of wordmarks, logos, colors, and fonts, the brand fundamentals to creating your unique brand identity.


Build Your Brand Kit

Want to have Lululemon’s-level consistency in your branding? Your Brand Kit will get you there! In this module, you’ll learn how to create your unique and easy-to-follow brand kit that you can refer to when designing your website, social media, prints, and any other marketing efforts. Save time, be inspired, and make brand consistency easy.





Build Your Brand Guide

The Brand Guide, a.k.a, the Brand Bible. You already have a Brand Kit to rely on for all things design, so what’s a Brand Guide for, you ask? Well, a Brand Guide goes much deeper than that. It contains the essence of everything you do and why you do it. In other words, it covers your unique brand strategy. This is the secret weapon you’ll be holding on to at every business meeting, ready to flip it open whenever things go sideways!


Build Your Website

Banging your head against the keyboard every time you attempt to build your website? It ends now! In this bonus module, I’ll help you build your website from scratch on Squarespace. We’ll move slowly, step-by-step so that you no longer feel confused or overwhelmed by this whole affair. I’ll even help you to add some great copy to help convert your website readers too!


Keep Track Of Your Brand

What does it mean to be intentional in your branding? The word intention implies that every decision you make and every next step you take is done with a clear idea of what you want to achieve. In this module, I will help you infuse your branding with intention by using a tracking method that has never let me down. You’ll never second-guess whether you are doing the right thing ever again!



Lifetime access to the program

(value: $700)

Lifetime access to all bonus classes

(value: $700)

50 pages of printable and editable worksheets with prompts

(value: $500)

Easy-to-follow color palette guide

(value: $200)

Easy-to-follow font combo guide

(value: $200)

10+ plug-and-play templates for your business

(value: $500)

Step-by-step tutorials on how to create your own brand using Canva

(value: $400)


Brand design & website tracker

(value: $250)


Build your Squarespace website + copy guide

(value: $1800)

Your investment

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The proof is in the pudding- I like mine with a dollop of sweet love!

reviews on branding course
reviews on visual identity course
reviews on branding course for wellness
reviews on branding course
reviews on branding course
reviews on branding course for creatives

“Is that all, Vero?” Nope, not even close!


Build Your Squarespace Website + Copy-That-Converts PDF Guide

so you can get your website up and ready in a matter of days!


Easy-To-Follow Brand Guideline Template using Google Slides

so you have someplace safe you can always come back whenever you are dealing with your brand design!



Brand Clarity Scorecard Notion Template

so you can keep notes of what’s working in your branding and what needs tweaking!


Student success story:

The prompting strategy questions revealed qualities of my business that I wasn’t able to articulate before.

These insights directly influenced my fonts and colors, and continue to keep my branding grounded in the core of my business.

This course is perfect for value-driven business-owners who need help translating how their business feels into visual form.


Let me read your palm. Oh, this is what I see:

You started your purpose-driven business less than 2 years ago and are now in a place where you can see it flourishing into something so much bigger and more impactful.

You know that branding is a necessity for your business to step decisively into the future.

You are more than ready to trade the stress, frustration, and exhaustion with clarity, confidence, and more money in your bank. The things you need to make a bigger impact and serve a bigger audience with your conscious offer.

You know you can DIY your branding but you are clueless on where to actually start or if you have all the pieces for it to succeed. You know that if you were given the right tools and a trusted pathway, you’d be ready to do what it takes to make it happen.

You find yourself holding your breath before posting on social media, sending a newsletter or creating your website. And many times archiving or deleting the post within hours.

Juggling a million things on your to-do list already and finding it hard to focus on what really matters to you: taking care of your customers. 

And now you’re wondering, “Can Bring My Brand To Life really help??”

Let me be honest - I was not born with magical designing skills.

I did not rank top of the class at University. I was not the worst designer - that’s for sure. But I did not grab my teacher’s attention from day one.

And I was never told I would end up working on campaigns for Coca-Cola. Or eBay. Or  Capital One, MD Anderson, Johnson & Johnson, AT&T, and many more, for that matter.

But I did.

I worked with some of the biggest companies in the world, on some of the most challenging branding projects.


And throughout all my time learning and working in design and branding, I was exposed to valuable lessons that guide me to this day as an independent brand designer. During those years, I grew a little bit more, I designed a little bit better, I became more confident, and my creativity would flow through without fear of failing.

intentional branding course
intentional branding course

Now, my work has been featured in Forbes, Vogue, People Magazine, Saks Fifth Avenue, and amongst other places. I have been invited to teach branding in Masterclasses and have had the opportunity to design branding for brands that I truly care about.

So, I will spare you all the embarrassment and branding no-no’s that I had to learn the hard way.

Instead, I am pulling back the curtain on my own process

One that I have perfected over years of dedicated work–and sharing it with you, unfiltered.

“Verô, I’m ready to do the damn thing!”


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Have more questions?

You’re not alone!

A final love note from Verô

branding course for health and wellness businesses

I truly believe that you were meant to share your unique gifts to bring lore love, joy, and health to this world.

I believe you deserve to wake up every morning feeling pumped about your heat-centered business and about all the possibilities it entails.

I believe that you deserve to have the time to focus more on serving your customers, without having to stress about all the other stuff.

I believe your business deserves to be in the spotlight, get featured, get spoken about, and shared around, even when you’re sound asleep!

branding course for health and wellness businesses

So, listen:

If you’ve been waiting on a sign, this is it.

I want you to close your eyes and tune in.


What is that little voice whispering to you, right now?


That’s your intuition guiding you. If the answer is a “GO” - and it most likely is - then, let’s make a deal, ok?


Stop banging your head against the keyboard trying to figure out why orange and green should be your logo colors.


Guide you through the process of understanding “why” and “how” to design a stellar visual brand identity for your purpose-driven business. And finally have a brand that is authentic, unique, and impactful.


“Sounds great - let’s do it, Verô!”


One-time payment


Pay in full now

Four payments

$487 today

Then pay 3 more monthly payments of $487.

Start now with $487

Ten payments

$210 today

Then pay 9 more monthly payments of $210.

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