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If you're like most heart-centered small business owners, you don't have much time to spare when it comes to building your business.


It can take hours of brand strategy research just to come up with the perfect color scheme, let alone find the right fonts and images to use in your visual identity.

That's why so many businesses choose to hire a brand designer to do the work for them.

And, that's where I come in. As a professional designer who has been working with heart-centered visual brands and websites for almost 10 years, I specialize in helping clients build their brands quickly so they can get back to focusing on growing their businesses, services and nurturing their clients!

I have years of experience creating for top brands and I have cultivated a branding process that has proven to bring my clients the best results. I know all the branding tools that can help make your business look fantastic and attract your dream client.

Oh hey! I'm Vero, purposeful branding designer.

My goal is to help you attract more ideal clients so that you can make a bigger impact and more sales.

Having worked with over 100+ heart-centered businesses throughout my career, I have cultivated a branding process that helps my clients connect and communicate with their target audience in an authentic, impactful, and intentional way.

new brand designer
heart-centered designer

Pair your brand name with an authentic identity

Go ahead and allow yourself to invest your time creating for your business and being in your zone of genius while I focus on your visual identity to elevate your company to a whole new level.

Book a Design Day
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Introducing, Design Day!

What's that? Simply the best 4hrs ever.

It's a VIP day where you hand over your branding project reigns to me and I'll work my magic to develop all your branding elements and bring your visual identity to life.

We'll identify your visual brand strategy using intentional design techniques that will help you attract more ideal clients through beautiful branding, brand name, logo design, website design (or redesign), messaging, look-and-feel, brand integrity, with authenticity and consistency.

Why a Design Day?

create your brand identity

Save time

Imagine having more time to invest into leveling up your business: growing your offerings, following up with clients, marketing your business–or actually taking a quiet break to sip your chai latte or go for a longer walk, instead of learning how to make your logo.

Save money

The investment you make on your Design Day has a ripple effect into the future of your company. In visual branding, it's important to build visuals for consistency and to last for a long time so that you can create familiarity and trust with your audience. My motto is do it once, and do it right.

website design for heart-centered business
heart focused design

Same-day delivery and on-going care

And it's not Amazon, a robot behind the screen, or a huge agency with a team of 300 designers all up in your business. It's all me :) your pro and go-to designer making it all happen while you're building your company empire.

Your one-of-a-kind visual identity will get ideal clients to notice you more

Nobody will ever have the same polished designs we create together, so it's guaranteed you'll stand out from the crowd. Everything we create comes from my creative brain and knowledge, no templates, trends, or copycats.

strategists photos

I loved the process. It was so easy and quick.

I consider myself somewhat indecisive and was worried that I wouldn't be able to feel 'confident' with drafts being presented in such a short amount of time. But you seemed to NAIL IT every single time.

Jessie – The B.R.A.N.D. Photographer Method

On time, on budget, and beautifully.

Verô was such a delight to work with. She helped us expand and refine our existing branding, on time, on budget, and beautifully!

 Tegan & Hanna – WellSet

Very well thought out, efficient, friendly and enjoyable.

I knew Verô would help me produce the work I was looking for.

Hunter – The Modern Mind

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How Design Day services with Vero work

Visual identity isn't rocket science, but there's a science to it. The order of element building will definitely affect your final product.

For example, can you imagine building an entire website project without knowing your core color palette or logo? I bet you'd change your colors over and over again (this sounds frustrating, time + money consuming and it's not great for consistency either.)

So, I've intentionally built Design Days to be highly productive, effective and focused on a specific branding element that can be implemented immediately.

Design Days are separated into 2 levels:

how does a design day work
how does a design day work


Your branding base–from brand strategy to unique style

Your main visual elements and building blocks that identifies what makes you different from the rest and helps your brand stay consistent and genuine: visual strategy, your logo, color palette, font combo and style guide.

These are your key pieces that communicate everything about your brand, services, programs.


brand strategist

Design Day 1
Visual Strategy + Color Palette

– In depth brand personality and style blueprint

– Primary, secondary and tertiary colors

– Color blind safe

– Your unique hex codes

– Digital brand strategy & color guide

The difference of brands that copy other's styles and the ones that have personality and makes dream clients drool? Visual brand strategy.

We begin with your brand strategy to understand the soul of your brand and everything about your ideal client to be leveraged in your unique colors, fonts, etc.

We’ll make the foundation of your identity so unique and attractive your audience will be thanking the Universe for finding you. A strong color palette will help the crowd notice your business and deeply connect with you.

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illustrator color palette

Design Day 2
Primary & Secondary Logos

– Native files for print and web

– Files delivered are .png (pixel-based) and .svg (highest resolution, native file)

– Digital logo guide


At Vero’s Studio, we don’t allow cookie cutter designs (but we do love cookies!) First impressions matter when it comes to logos, so you want to make a statement with it. One that has your potential customers swooning first (think heart eyes emoji) and scrolling second… all the way to the “buy” button. We’ll create a custom logo that attracts your people now – and still attracts them in years to come. 


logo design

Design Day 3
Brand Fonts

– Two brand fonts for headlines and body copy (to use on business cards, websites or any printed matter)

–  Files for both web AND print

–  Digital brand type guide

– Canva brand kit set up

Make them say “Ouh là là!” and ask for more. A brand font will bring an uncomplicated elegance to your brand’s professional image, making sure you look even more trustworthy, approachable and unique to your audience. They can be used for accenting headlines of webpages or Instagram posts so they stand out, making your brand’s visual impact stronger with them.


Digital brand guide, what's that?

Your holy book! This pulls together all of your visual style pieces in one neat place. Whenever you need to create something new, just take a look at this and make decisions fast and with confidence.

Book all 3 Level A Design Days at once with a $500 discount. Book now


Your brand collateral and marketing materials

Now that your complete core branding style is ready to go, you're ready to make a mark and have an online presence. We'll create the brand collateral materials that will bring your brand to life.

All completed Level A elements are required to book any of the following:

design marketing materials

Design Day 4
Supporting collaterals, designs and materials

Anything your business needs right now, be it marketing materials like social media templates, powerpoint presentations or even printed flyers, we can complete one piece in a day.

identifying wireframes

Design Day 5
Your website wireframes

With user experience in mind, we’ll design the basic skeleton of your site to make sure that it’s user-friendly and caters to your brand's personality.

(requirement: web copywriting ready)

web functionality design

Design Day 6
Your website design

Once we have your wireframes solidified and in place, we match them with your authentic look-and-feel. We'll add all brand elements so you can see exactly how it will look when finished and developed. In one day we’ll have a mockup of your site ready.

product design

Design Day 7
Physical product design

Looking to have a physical product for your business? In this Design Day we'll expand on your dream idea and create mockups that brings your product to life.

print production wellness product

Design Day 8
Product development

Once we have mockups and an approved concept, we'll need to straighten all files and make sure your dream product is ready for print production!

contact and message vero

Design Day 9
Check-in & additional brand tweaks

I'm here for you and your company moving forward anytime. Book as many Design Days as you'd like.

Book your Design Day

My process is fast and efficient so that my clients spend less time worrying about how their brands and sites look and more time doing what they love - running their businesses! I look forward to a partnership with you, secure your Design Day below:

Frequently asked questions

How big is vero's team?

One person :) It's just me.

What kinds of software do you use?

All Adobe Creative Cloud products like Photoshop and Illustrator along with Canva too for customizable templates.

What's the investment?

A Design Day is $1500.

Can I purchase more than one Design Day at once?

Yes! Message me and let's get your days secured in my calendar.

Healing the world through design with Vero Brand

I deeply believe that you've landed on this planet to make a difference with your voice and vision, to stand out in your market and to change the future. I'm here to guide you in translating your unique essence into visual identity, logos and websites to help you communicate and sell your services to dream clients.

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