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Book a Design Day with me and get brand new, well-designed graphics before wine (or tea) o’clock!

Instead of worrying about your long list of design-y chores, you now have me–a professional designer who has blocked off her whole afternoon and dedicated time to get it started, freaky-fast!

Invest your time building your business and being in your zone of genius rather than spending hours, and hours on Squarespace or Canva. I got you covered. 

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My eyes (and hands) on your branded designs for 3 hours

$1100 $768

I loved the process. It was so easy and quick.

I consider myself somewhat indecisive and was worried that I wouldn't be able to feel 'confident' with drafts being presented in such a short amount of time. But you seemed to NAIL IT every single time.

Jessie – The B.R.A.N.D. Photographer Method

Let's secure your spot in my calendar. It's as easy as 1–2–3.

Pick a date below, fill out the form, submit your payment and I'll see you at our day!

3 hours – $768

What can Verô do in three hours?

Aside from being a time-tracker-fanatic, I also have many years of experience and I can turn-around projects very quickly.


Here are some design possibilities we can get started in our day:


• Create your brand guideline

• Find fonts for your website

• Re-work your color palette

• Clean up the design of a landing page

• Create custom icons for your website

• Design branded patterns


• Re-size already existing ads for other platforms

• Design 10-20 social media graphic post templates on Canva

• A well-designed 10-page presentation deck

• Design your branded PDF checklist opt-in

• Design a sales page


• A 15-page e-book

• Custom packaging

• Custom tote bag

• Enamel pins

• Branded deck of cards

• Business cards

• Custom thumbnails for your products


An entire visual branding – Check out the The 4-Day Branding Package

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Why should I book a Design Day?

Because, I know I can help you make a bigger impact out there. But also...

End of the day delivery
Can’t beat getting your fresh design delivered on the same day.

Save time (and money!)
Imagine having a lot more time in your hands that you can apply to making a big impact like growing your offerings, following up with clients, marketing your business, giving your dog/pet a little extra love. Plus, with my design experience, I can get your design to a very good place within hours.

Stand out from others
Nobody will ever have the same polished designs we create together. It all comes from my creativity and knowledge, no templates, trends or copycats.


• You’re a conscious, heart-driven business owner or startup

• You have a random collection of design needs

• You need something specific designed and you know exactly what it is

Book A Design Day

On time, on budget, and beautifully

Verô was such a delight to work with. She helped us expand and refine our existing branding, on time, on budget, and beautifully!

 Tegan & Hanna – WellSet

Here’s how a Design Day works


Find a date that works for you, fill out the form, payment and submit it. Easy-breezy. Once I receive your application, I’ll follow up with you to double-confirm the selected day and the design pieces we'll be working on.


I'll send you a kind reminder a couple of days before our special day so that you know to block off time in your calendar for us to meet and for your to send me any remaining assets (if needed).


When our day arrives, we'll meet for 30 minutes in the first hour of our day to make sure we're on the same page. I then hunker down in my design bubble and get to work.


Once time’s up, we'll meet again to go over all the work we've done together. I hand off your shiny new design via the magic of Dropbox. If there are any unfinished bits and pieces, I'll give you directions on how you can continue expanding it on your own, or we can book another day to further develop it.

Very well thought out, efficient, friendly and enjoyable

I knew Verô would help me produce the work I was looking for.

Hunter – The Modern Mind

Before we go any further, there’s something I want you to know:

When you lock in a day with me, you’re buying my time (and undivided attention) and not a set of deliverables. 

I’ll work through things methodically, first making sure I have everything needed before our one day and then tackling the design on the day-of.

* if  * there are any bits of unfinished designs once our time together is up, you’ll have crystal-clear direction on what needs to happen next.

I'm Ready To Book A Design Day!

My I’m-all-yours-all-day-guarantee

When you book me for a day, you get 100% of my attention. I come into it with a fresh mindset right after having a nice morning of meditation, put my phone on airplane mode, close down my tabs, stay well away from Instagram. For the 3 hours you’ve booked, my sole focus is getting your designs started, and getting it done well, so you can unleash it into the wild ASAP.

Book My Design Day

Questions? I have answers.

My questions are answered–I'm ready to book!

Healing the world through design

I deeply believe that you’ve landed on this planet to make a difference with your voice and vision. I’m here to help you translate your unique essence into visual format within your small business because the world needs just that, right now.

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