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Show dream clients that you are their reliable “go-to” expert with a thoughtful, professional web design plus an authentic brand identity to match.

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Let’s begin with a strategy-based brand design to scale and grow your business. Here’s how we’ll achieve your brand design goals, together:

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"I’ve attracted bigger contracts and more aligned prospects while retaining my best clients."

I feel refreshed and liberated when I look at my website and brand identity. So many people have noticed the work, and they comment not just on the graphic design but that they see an energetic shift happening, and it’s true!

– Heather, Copywriter For Spas, Retreats & Resorts

"I haven't even launched my new brand yet and my business has already expanded immensely."

I believe that this entire process with Verô has created a distinct shift in the way that I operate as a business owner and the way that I perceive my business. This has been transformative to say the least and I'm truly excited to see where my brand goes from here!

– Lumi, Licensed Massage Therapist


3 steps to your strategic and aligned “pro-level” brand

I'll work with you every step of the way to make sure your website design is just as reflective of your values and goals as your branding is. We’ll build designs that are unique, memorable, true to you and that brings you the ROI.


Visual Brand Strategy

Take your online presence from “pretty” to elevated, professional and in alignment with your true personality.


Purposeful Brand Identity

Make sense of your unique style and put your high-value solution into visual elements.


Web Design & Marketing Materials

Map out your user experience and have a cohesive and consistent brand that works.

Learn more about our step by step process and pricing options here:

Download the Work Together Guide
copywriter strategy brand designer purpose driven courtney fanning big picture branding brand designer vero rhode island

Verô is truly magical and the process was easy breezy!

Verô's execution is flawless. I'm amazed by her ability to not only draw out what's really special about my brand but also how to use brand design to connect with my audience. I finally feel like I own my brand.

 Courtney – Big Picture Branding

“I finally feel like I own my brand.” 

What's more, I feel like I understand my business and audience better after talking through how my strategy and design relate to each other. It was the clarity I was looking for! 

– Courtney, Strategist & Copywriter

“I have looked at a ton of other coaching websites out there in the last month or so, and I beam with pride at my site.” 

It’s beautiful, I love it and am so grateful for the work we did together. 

– Bryn, Career Coach

When we work together, we look at the very essence of your brand

Before even looking at your website design, logo, fonts, and website design, we delve deep into your one-of-a-kind strategy to ensure we're designing a highly effective brand that stands the test of time.

Download the Work Together Guide

“Verô created something so authentically me.” 

She really heard my vision and stepped into my shoes now (and also with an eye towards the future), captured everything I wanted and created something even bigger and better. 

– Brooke, Entrepreneur

“We have a fab new website design to reflect who we are and what we do!”

Verô spent the time to really get to know our company, digging deep to understand our values and it's really reflected in the final design. 

– Sarah, Occupational Therapist

How Verô rolls

A professional brand designer who cares about your vision (aka, ME) does not take shortcuts.

All eyes on you 💛
Verô works with one client at a time, so you can expect to get all of her attention and creativity when working with her.

Self-sufficiency power
Never ever worry again about having designs that don't look good because you made them yourself in Canva. Learn how to use your brand and create cohesive designs.

Mindful and strategic 🤓
No willy-nilly, copycat business over here. We spice up any bland brand elements by being authentic and strategic with your style and making sure that they’re effective and work for your business.

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