Let's create a purposeful visual branding for your heart-driven brand that is unique, impactful, and timeless.


Like your favorite smoothie, but better.

Hi, there! I’m Verô, your brand designer from Denver, Colorado.

Thanks for being here! You’re probably a mindful business owner looking for a brand makeover, right? If so, you’re in the right place.

As you know, heart-driven businesses face unique challenges when it comes to visual branding.

It can be a challenge to communicate your unique vision in a clear and authentic way with your audience.


Many times you’ve found yourself so out of your depths when it comes to design that you’d just give up and copy someone else’s style you like or use some cute template you found.

Hey, I get it, you’d rather be thinking about teaching, developing, creating, or how to best serve your client than have to deal with all this branding affair. But deep down you know this is hurting your business. A lack of purposeful branding often leads to massive confusion for your customers and can make you look amateurish (which we both know, you’re not!).

And as a business owner who has built everything from ground zero, you’ve probably pushed design and branding way down on your list of priorities for a very long time.

But, hey, you’re finally here! So put your feet up, grab your favorite tea and allow me to introduce myself.

I’m a purposeful brand designer that uses intentional visual branding and design to help your heart-driven brand make a strong impact on your customers. I live in sunny Denver, Colorado with my furbaby, Sophie and my spunky boyfriend, Noah.

I work closely with conscious businesses in the US and abroad–coaches, creatives, teachers, practitioners, and entrepreneurs who help people (and the world) feel happier and healthier.

Having worked with over 30+ conscious brands over the years, I have cultivated a design process that helps my clients connect and communicate with their target audience in an authentic, impactful, and intentional way.

The results? Improved brand loyalty, increased sales conversion, and a whole lot of client love!

I always knew in my heart that I’d find my home in working with heart-driven brands.

I grew up in São Paulo, Brazil, in a family driven by following their passion in building small businesses. From creative to technical, service-based to product-based–I got to experience a lot of different journeys. The most important lesson? A business driven by passion and purpose is always successful.


I immersed myself in the world of health, wellness and mindful living early in life. My afternoons and weekends were spent growing herbal medicine and creating art. I remember how, as a young girl, I’d quietly examine the different leaves while my grandmother would teach me how to make herbal tea. 


Later, I moved to the U.S. and found yoga. Or, should I say, yoga found me? There and then I continued my amazing journey of discovery:  Ayurveda, meditation, TCM, and many other practices. I finished a 200hr yoga teacher certification at Yoga To The People in 2018 and still continue to have an avid curiosity about other alternative health practices.


At the same time, I completed my BFA degree in Graphic Design at SCAD, Atlanta in 2013 and worked in different big advertising agencies for brands like eBay, Capital One, MD Anderson, Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola, AT&T, amongst others. Eventually, I followed my heart in a new direction.

The idea to unite my passion for health, wellness, mindful living, and design sparked as I found myself always striving to support heart-driven business owners with my design skills.

With the knowledge I have in the creative field, I developed unique tools and processes needed to support these conscious businesses I believe in so that they could finally sell their products with brand confidence and find much more ideal clients.

Visual branding finally becomes an experience they find interesting, easy, and enjoyable!

Enter purposeful branding and design for heart-driven brands. 

The essence of my work lies in the full transparency I offer on the creative process and achieving a purposeful design for each brand I closely work with. That means it’s all cards on the table- you know exactly what I’m up to and all the progress that’s being made.


I believe in the kind of design that is rooted in each brand’s unique voice and messaging, establishing a strong and timeless visual branding foundation. Yep, that’s right, everything you needed for your brand right now. 


So, are you ready to pair your business with intentional branding?

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