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Hey, heart-driven business owner

I'm Verô! My job is to help you discover your unique brand personality and intentionally translate it into visual format.

What do you think about when you hear the word "branding"? A logo, a website–yes! Branding are all of those things combined. There's, though, a more mindful way to go about it. Follow the step-by-step timeline below:


Business Foundation

To get started on your entrepreneurial journey, a solid internal foundation is a must–knowing the problem you solve, your core values, etc. A business coach can help you here.


Brand Strategy

Once you know the problem you solve and what you're offering to the world, an aligned brand strategy foundation will help you nail down your brand's positioning, purpose, and messaging.


Visual Branding

Building a unique and successful visual brand is product of a solid business foundation and an excellent brand strategy. At this stage, we'll translate everything we know about your brand (its essence) into visual format–logos, color palettes and all. This is where I come in, your purposeful brand designer.



Once you've completed the previous phases and know your brand from offering, voice and tone, positioning to look-and-feel, promoting your products and services flows with more ease. At this phase, a marketing expert can help you solidify your marketing strategy to effectively promote your offerings.

Ps. Need recommendations for business coaches or strategists? Click here to check out my list of trusted experts.

And, guess what!

Once you have your business foundation, brand strategy, and visual branding defined, everything else is a breeze–website design, packaging design, and any marketing collateral or promotional piece you'll create for your brand in the future.


With a brand that's aligned from the inside out...

• You'll attract more ideal clients and customers that are genuinely interested in working with you and/or buying your products.

• You'll feel more confident about your brand's unique style and how you communicate and promote it.

• You'll convert more leads, make more sales, and make a bigger impact in the world.

• You'll spend less time going back to the drawing board over and over again and spend more time in your own zone of genius–serving your clients and customers the best way you know how.


Mindfully Do It Yourself

Whether you're starting fresh or on sticking to a tight budget, I'm here to help. Explore the tutorials, offerings, and courses below–happy branding!



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Get your brand together

A 3-step guide, workbook, and video tutorials on how you can D.I.Y your own visual branding in a more mindful way, from logo to color palette to brand guide all done in Canva.

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building an intentional mindful conscious brand that converts

Brand strategy questionnaire

Get started on your branding and align it from inside out with my thorough strategy questionnaire.

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Google Slides brand guide template

Organize your visual branding in this easy-to-use template inside google slides–guaranteed to help you maintain your branding consistent. 

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Video: Building a brand that converts

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What clients love the most about working together? 


"I finally feel like I own my brand."
"A TOTAL rebrand and designs that I will be able to use for years! "


"Great experience with quick turnaround time, I couldn't resist! You made it too easy and again - seemed to nail it every single time."


"Folks who have seen the new transition on social media and website all have responded with exactly the feeling I wanted to convey."

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Feeling overwhelmed by brand design is completely normal! After all, you’re the master of creating, teaching, coaching, and serving your customers in your area of expertise. So spending hours learning about how to brand is probably at the bottom of your list of priorities. And although branding is something that you’ve known you needed for quite some time now, you just can’t seem to figure out exactly how to go about with it.

So let me help you save time and overcome your fears of visual branding. Fill out the form below to get started. 

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Healing the world through design

I deeply believe that you’ve landed on this planet to make a difference with your voice and vision. I’m here to help you translate your unique essence into visual format within your small business because the world needs just that, right now.

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