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Your brand journey is unique, and how you shape it is up to you. Which feels right:

Focus on doing what you love, I'll handle the rest.

I’ll work with you one-on-one to figure out exactly what you need and where to start.

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I create intentional branding and website design to help health and wellness practitioners, coaches, and heart-centered businesses make more sales, foster deeper connections, and make a bigger impact with their expertise.

I believe your brand and web design should be a mirror, reflecting your values, story, and vision so you can spend less time explaining who you are and more time connecting, healing, and guiding.

Everyone has a superpower and mine is being able to translate the jumbled mess of thoughts, ideas, and inspirations running through your head into stunning brand visuals that feel authentically you.

About Verô


I’ve attracted bigger contracts and more aligned prospects while retaining my best clients."

I feel refreshed and liberated when I look at my brand and web design. So many people have noticed the work, and they comment not just on the graphic design but that they see an energetic shift happening, and it’s true!”

– Heather, Copywriter & Coach

It was an investment I truly am glad I made."

Verô’s ability to truly listen and hear my concerns, my vision, and my ideas and interpret it into a visual display where without words the vision is expressed. So far folks who have seen the new transition on social media and website all have responded with exactly the feeling I wanted to convey.

– Ifatinuwe, Wellness Practitioner

I haven't even launched my new brand yet and my business has already expanded immensely."

I believe that this entire process with Verô has created a distinct shift in the way that I operate as a business owner and the way that I perceive my business. This has been transformative to say the least and I'm truly excited to see where my brand goes from here!

– Lumi, Massage Therapist

I was blown away."

The idea of visual branding felt intimidating to me, but Vero took my thoughts and nailed it right away. I loved the brand colors, font and overall aesthetic she created for my business. I had no idea what I wanted initially, but she captured the essence of me!

– Bryn, Career & Leadership Coach

“Things came together and made sense rather than my ideas multiplying and getting out."

I didn't realize that getting help with one thing would have a ripple effect across the rest of my business—into my marketing, discovery calls, and strategy—it's all connected! 

— Lisa, Business Coach