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There's no question that first impressions matter.

And when it comes to your new business, your brand is often the first thing potential customers or clients see. So it's important to make sure your visual branding is on point.

Easy 3-Step Process

With Get Your Brand Together, you can be confident that you're putting your best foot forward - and making a lasting impression.


Design your wordmark

This is the logo that will represent your brand.


Pick two font combinations

that you feel best reflects your business.


Craft your brand color palette

that will be used throughout your marketing materials.

Yours for only $10

I believe your brand identity is one-of-a-kind

Just like you and your essence. By intentionally crafting a brand that's aligned with your unique personality, it will be instantly recognizable with your dream clients for years to come.

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So meet me inside Get Your Brand Together and we will:

• Create your small business, personal brand or blog branding kit within days

• Stand out in the crowded market with your polished look 

• Capture the personality of your company for improved marketing and response rates

• Make yourself memorable by being unique, authentic, and courageous

• Show the personality of your small business to create a positive brand image

• Create your own, non-copyable branding kits to increase customer loyalty, generate repeat business, and have more people recommend you

Tested and approved by small business owners

Here's what some have to say about what's inside:

Color Masterclass

Explore what your color palette could look like by using color psychology.


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Get Your Brand Together

Make a lasting impression by building your brand identity purposefully and with flexibility to grow.

Yours for only $10

All In One

Plan, create and build an authentic brand that stands out effortlessly and feels more like you.


Get the bundle

"Ok, but... how will I Get My Brand Together?"

A good brand identity starts with a solid visual strategy. I'll show you what your brand feels like before it's even designed.

Create your own wordmark logo design in Canva without the canva logo maker. 

You will pick your font styles like a pro (no graphic design skills needed).

We will craft your color palette using color psychology and make sure it's color blind safe.

With Get Your Brand Together, you can be confident that you're putting your best foot forward - and making a lasting impression.

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vero branding intentional course for startup

Oh wait, have we met?

Hi. I’m Verô!

Purposeful brand designer for heart-centered businesses, certified yoga teacher, and alternative wellness passionate.

After many years of working in agencies with many known brands across the world including eBay, Capital One, MD Anderson, Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola, and AT&T, I decided my life was leading me in a different direction.

Now, I work exclusively with heart-centered brands (coaches, creatives, teachers, wellness practitioners), helping them heal the world through their authentic style. With clarity, creativity, and a whole lot of love.

Are you ready to Get Your Brand Together?

Yours for only $10
reviews on branding course for wellness brand

In Vero-town, we are all about that feel-good life!

reviews on branding course for wellness
reviews on branding course for startup
reviews on branding course for wellness small business
reviews on branding course for wellness
reviews on branding course for wellness
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DIY branding course for wellness and health brand

“Holy cow, my entire brand kit for just… $10? For real?!”

Yep, my business coach said I was *bananas* for offering this. But here's why this is important to me...

Now more than ever in modern history, small businesses are suffering. Conscious business owners, who are dedicated to who they serve are facing challenges that are sometimes, sadly, unsurmountable. 

And without strong branding, it becomes even harder for them to set themselves apart, reach their ideal customers, and secure their business so they can ride through these tough times confidently.

If that heart-centered business owner is you, let me tell you:

You were meant to share your gifts, help others and build a wonderful business!

And, that’s why I decided to step in and do my part in making it happen.

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I know there's power in having a cohesive visual branding from the get-go

Long pitches and detailed explanations are not going to stop the scroll. You need something far more impactful and strategic to steal the spotlight - and your ideal customers’ hearts. And there's actual data to back this up:

A brand evokes emotions

It triggers curiosity

It tells stories

It connects like-minded people together


the average time for consumers to form an opinion of a company.


of consumers say authenticity is a significant factor in supporting a brand.


the increase in revenue consistent brands experience.


of shoppers stay loyal to brands that share their values.

Your visual brand identity is key to building a successful small business. Let me help you get there faster.

Get Your Brand Together

This is definitely for you if...

You started your new purpose-driven business and have no idea what to do about your branding.

You are more than ready to trade the stress, frustration, and exhaustion with clarity, confidence, and more money in your bank.

You'd love to hire a brand designer but the investment isn't an option right now.

You have a can-do attitude, know you can DIY your branding and you're not afraid to step into Canva with me.

vero branding course for new business owners DIY

This is not about learning how to become a professional designer

Get Your Brand Together is about how to establish a professional image that you know how to use, feel comfortable and confident using.

This is a way to mindfully start your branding without having to hire a designer (just yet).

Yours for only $10

Everything you need to launch your new brand identity

50+ new small business owners are already buzzing inside, making their unique logo and brand. Here’s how it works:


You join us inside.

Join now

Download the workbook and get started.


Create your new logo and brand kit.


Launch & celebrate!

Frequently asked questions:

Launch a cohesive visual brand identity

If you want to take control over your future as a small business owner then this is exactly what you need!

Brand yourself by following my proprietary step by step process.

Design your branding with no technical skills required.

Launch your new brand by next week + start getting audience love.

Launch your cohesive visual brand and build your empire. It's time for your new business to make impact in the world - let's make it happen together!

Yours for only $10

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