Get Your Brand Together

Simple steps for coaches, practitioners & service providers to design their own brand kit fast. A simplified framework built by Verô for non-designers.

Build your brand kit: logo, color palette and fonts

• Stop refreshing your Pinterest feed and know what logo to pick and how many colors to have so your brand kit stays consistent.

• Ditch the Canva templates and learn the guardrails of building a powerful brand, even if you’re not a design expert.

• Learn how to make your business look professional and polished so your marketing feels authentic and your brand presence one-of-a-kind.

Meet Verô

If you're feeling a bit lost or swamped in the world of branding, I'm your brand identity designer and strategist.

Together, we’ll weave your unique story into a brand that's not just visually stunning, but also deeply meaningful and resonates with your audience. With over 10 years of experience, I'm all about transforming your brand – no more bland templates or frustrating DIY.

It's time to make your brand shine like a supernova

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Business launched.

"As someone who is not a graphic designer, I really appreciated the parts in Get Your Brand Together that just laid out for me what I should do. I launched my new business with confidence."

– Victoria V., Writer

Intentional, ftw.

"GYBT helped me feel connected to my brand. It revealed qualities of my business that I wasn’t able to articulate before. These insights directly influenced my fonts and colors and continue to keep my branding grounded in the core of my business."

– Emily P., Career Coach

Easy breezy.

"Understanding the core basics (color, font, etc.) was very helpful to getting me started. It was very easy to apply the learnings to my own work."

Goldie H., Leadership Coach

Clarity & definition.

"I just wanted to let you how much I've enjoyed the branding training. It helped me really dig deep & define/refine how I want express myself but still feel authentic with my branding. It challenged me but in a good way."

– Kat K., Writer & Workshop Leader

All eyes on your brand.

"I received beautiful comments that my brand is so cohesive and appealing which, of course, boosts the confidence to sharing the site."

– Anabell B., Soulful Mentor & Coach

Aligned branding.

“Defining my brand, taking a deep dive into our values and what we want to bring to the world was my favorite part.”

– Hailey S., Wellness Retreat Host