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Elevating A Leadership Coach’s Brand

To Reflect Authenticity & Authority

Meet Bryn From Bright Evolution

“My intention was to build a business website that accurately portrayed an authentic picture of me and my services.”

Bright Evolution, At A Glance

The Key Attributes

Authentic, Joyful, Confident

The Branding Package

Visual branding, webinar deck design, printable worksheet design, web design

The Dream Team

Brand Design by Vero, Copywriting by Big PictureBrand Photography by Jessie Wyman

Bright Evolution’s founder, Bryn, is an executive leadership coach and career strategist extraordinaire.

With her years of experience and natural talent for guiding others to success, she's the secret weapon for anyone looking to take their career to the next level. Think of it as a brand makeover for your career – with Bryn at the helm, you'll hone your leadership skills in no time. But when it comes to actual brand design, Bright Evolution was feeling rather lackluster.

The Brand Jam

Bryn found it frustrating to see her hard work and incredible results being overlooked simply because her brand wasn't up to par. She was facing an uphill battle trying to communicate her unique value proposition in a sea of competitors who seemed to have it all figured out. Her website was cluttered and confusing, her messaging was inconsistent, and her visual identity was generic at best.

Long story short, Bryn found herself in a brand jam and needed a way out, pronto!

The Brand Plan

 The first step: hire the dream team. Bryn knew that in order to up-level her brand and business, she needed to take bold action. So, for the perfect rebrand, we partnered with other amazing creatives, Big Picture for copywriting and Jessie Wyman for Brand Photography.

When it came to brand identity and web design, we identified these brand design goals:

  • a visual brand strategy to identify her goals, vision, audience, and style.
  • a brand identity that feels authentic, professional and gets her ROI
  • a brand identity kit (color palette, font combo and logo design) that inspires confidence and authority
  • a web design packed with personality while prioritizing user experience and delivering clear messaging 
  • branded marketing assets for consistency across all touchpoints, from social media to business cards
  • A brand that positions Bryn as the go-to expert in her field, no questions asked!

“The idea of visual branding felt intimidating to me, but Vero took my thoughts and nailed it right away.”

The Brand Transformation

Enter my complete branding & website design package! Bright Evolution received a total makeover tailored to Bryn’s brand design needs: Think of it like a chef's tasting menu - every bite is carefully crafted to satisfy your cravings and leave you feeling completely satisfied.

“It was a very easy and fun process overall, I felt comfortable weighing in when I felt strongly about something, but trusted her to do the heavy lifting since it was not my area of expertise. It was an excellent process, as Vero is an extremely gifted designer. I am so grateful to have her as my website designer.”

For those who are unfamiliar, here’s what this package gets you:

  • Visual brand strategy that identified your goals, vision, audience, and style
  • Authentic, professional, and ROI-driven brand identity
  • Brand identity kit (color palette, font combo, and logo design) that always has you prepared and confident when growing their business
  • User-friendly web design packed with personality and clear messaging
  • Add-on: Consistent branded marketing across all touchpoints, from social media to business cards.

The Big Reveal

“I love the brand colors, font and overall aesthetic she created for my business. I had no idea what I wanted initially, but she captured the essence of me!”

Hear about Bright Evolution’s remarkable new brand, in 1 minute:

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With a clear, detailed brand design strategy, we built a solid foundation to create an impactful, authentic brand identity kit and website. Here’s what we achieved:

  • A combination of modern and traditional font styles to appeal to the target audience: MBA graduates, business leaders and executives.
  • A color palette that conveys authority, empathy, resilience, mindfulness, joyfulness and authenticity.
  • A gorgeous web design, paired with compelling copy and beautiful photography, that rises above the crowd and allows Bryn to define herself as a leader in her industry.
  • Branded marketing assets that create fully immersive experience for her audience.

With the branding and web design package and by teaming up with Big Picture and Jessie Wyman, we were able to address the challenges Bryn faced in Bright Evolution’s messaging and visual identity that truly reflected her authentic self and unique value proposition.

Want An Iconic and Authentic Brand Identity?

 You’ve landed on this page for a reason and I’m excited to chat with you. Let’s create a brand identity that’s iconic and authentic, one that lights up eyes and warms hearts over and over again - just like your favorite episode of Friends!

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