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DIY to Pro: A Copywriters Journey

Towards an Elevated & Timeless Brand Design

Meet Courtney, From Big Picture Copywriting

“I finally feel like I own my brand.

What's more, I feel like I understand my business and audience better after talking through how my strategy and design relate to each other. It was the clarity I was looking for!"

Big Picture Copywriting, At A Glance

The Key Attributes

Inspiring, Empathetic, Wise

The Branding Package

Visual branding, logo design, web design, Pinterest templates, course branding and materials, lead magnet PDF design, business deck design, web design

The Dream Team

Brand & Web Design by Vero, Copywriting by herselfBrand Photography by Jessie Wyman

Big Picture Copywriting’s Founder, Courtney, is an Artist of Words and a Scientist of Data

Courtney is a copywriter and brand strategist with a passion for helping purpose-driven businesses succeed. With over 10 years of experience in constructing and communicating brand narratives, Courtney has honed her craft in digital marketing for top publishing houses and tech companies alike. But when it came to her own brand design, she knew it was time for a makeover. So, when Courtney's brand design SOS popped into my inbox, I knew it was time to grab some tea and rediscover the world of Big Picture Copywriting, with fresh eyes.

The Brand Jam

Courtney is an expert at combining industry research, behavioral psychology, voice-of-customer data, and emotional marketing to write captivating copy. She has a way with words but struggled to translate her magic into visual designs. Courtney realized quickly that DIY-ing her brand design wasn't going to cut it anymore. She needed a professional touch to take her brand to the next level and communicate her unique value proposition effectively.

A brand design that feels authentic, timeless and professional? Yes please - let’s get down to business 🎧

The Brand Plan

Courtney’s target audience branches into two distinct categories: creative business owners looking for premium branding and copywriting services and DIY learners looking for copywriting and brand strategy resources. My job was to find a way to marry these two personas and create a harmonized visual identity that delights both. 

First things first, we reviewed what her goals were and how she wanted to use her new visual identity in her branding and marketing. Here’s what we uncovered together:

  • An authentic and aesthetic brand identity that reflects Courtney’s unique background in publishing and ballet
  • a visual brand strategy that showcases her new brand name, emulates her brand evolution and vision for her business
  • a refined brand identity kit (color palette, font combo and logo design) that embodies her wisdom and empathy
  • An intentional and personality-packed web design that identifies a clear hierarchy in text and optimizes user experience
  • branded marketing assets for consistency across all touchpoints, from social media and courses to business decks and lead magnets

“Your approach and the brand designs you create fall in line with my preferences: super clean, refined, clever use of personality, and timeless.”

The Brand Transformation

Enter my complete branding & website design partnership, tailored to match each and every client’s uniqueness! It's like a choreographed ballet or a symphony - every step and note was carefully composed to bring out the beauty and essence of Courtney's brand. The result is a stunning visual and verbal masterpiece that captures the heart and soul of her business.

“Your execution is flawless. I'm amazed by your ability to not only draw out what's really special about my brand but also how to use brand design to connect with my audience. You're truly magical and your process was easy breezy!”

For those who are unfamiliar, here’s what this partnership gets you:

  • Visual brand strategy that identified your goals, vision, audience, and style
  • Authentic, professional, and ROI-driven brand identity
  • Brand identity kit (color palette, font combo, and logo design) that always has you prepared and confident when growing their business
  • User-friendly web design packed with personality and clear messaging
  • Add-on: Custom branded marketing across all touchpoints, from social media and course branding to business decks and PDF downloadables.

The Big Reveal

“You make me look (and feel!) like a million bucks! That watercolor treatment on the Brand Strategy Blueprint is swoon-worthy! I can't wait to use it!”

Hear about Big Picture Copywriting’s remarkable new brand, in 1 minute:

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With a clear, detailed brand design strategy, we built a solid foundation to create an impactful, authentic brand identity kit and website. Here’s what we achieved:

  • A logo with two fonts, one modern and one full of personality, plus a simple mark symbolizing a window to the "big picture"
  • Typography that combines empathetic and wise styles, with opportunities to play with diverse styles to showcase personality
  • A color palette that uses teal for communication and wisdom, dark blue for authenticity and empathy and tan/beige and orange for warmth and inspiration
  • A brand design that appeals to Courtney's target audience of creative business owners, with a balance of modern and traditional elements
  • A website design that showcases compelling copy and beautiful photography, helping Courtney stand out as a leader in her industry
  • Branded marketing assets that create a fully immersive experience for her audience, elevating her brand and increasing her visibility
  • A fully rebranded course aligned with the new visual identity that she can now launch with confidence.

And, the cherry on this already delicious cake.

Here are some big wins since the new brand reveal:


Increase in user engagement


Increase in clicks


Increase in PDF downloads

Courtney's brand transformation wasn't just a surface-level makeover. 

It was a journey of self-discovery and clarity that helped her truly understand her business and audience. With a new visual identity, messaging, and website that perfectly align with her brand story and values, Courtney finally feels like she owns her brand!

Want An Iconic and Authentic Brand Identity?

You’ve landed on this page for a reason and I’m excited to chat with you. Let’s create a brand identity that’s iconic and authentic, one that lights up eyes and warms hearts over and over again - just like your favorite episode of Friends!

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