WellSet is the connective tissue of the wellness industry serving both clients and practitioners on their wellness journeys. Book, discover, grow, and connect.



Visual branding alignment, website design, newsletter design, marketing designs, packaging

wellset newsletter wellness events
wellset we're all humans in progress tote bag
wellset we're all humans in progress tote bag
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On time, on budget, and beautifully

Verô was such a delight to work with. She helped us expand and refine our existing branding, on time, on budget, and beautifully!

 Tegan & Hanna – WellSet

wellset wellness website designer
wellset wellness presentation designer
wellset wellness banner marketing designer

Let's create your visual branding in a clear, impactful, and authentic way.

Work With Verô

Healing the world through design

I deeply believe that you’ve landed on this planet to make a difference with your voice and vision. I’m here to help you translate your unique essence into visual format within your small business because the world needs just that, right now.

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