Are AI design tools worth the hype?

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Are AI design tools worth the hype?

As a business owner, you've likely come across, an AI-powered design tool that promises to generate professional-looking designs for your brand in just seconds. The concept sounds promising, as who wouldn't want to streamline their design process and save both time and money?

As a professional designer, I naturally had to put designs ai to the test! In this blog post I share my findings on whether this tool lives up to its promises. It's worth noting that my opinion is current as of April 2023, and it may change as the tool continues to evolve.

Let's dive in!

First, let's talk about the technology behind designs ai

It's impressive, there's no denying that. The tool can generate a ton of designs in a matter of seconds, which is great if you need a lot of options to choose from.

But here's the catch - most of them aren't that great.

The designs lack any real strategy or depth. Some are actually symbols that have been created before, possibly already trademarked. It's like the AI just threw a bunch of shapes and colors together and called it a day. And don't even get me started on the typography - Oof!


Verô’s thoughts

As a designer, I know that good design goes beyond a pretty logo. It needs to have a purpose and strategy behind it. Unfortunately, designs ai just doesn't deliver on that front. The designs are really basic with no real thought put into them.

In my opinion, designs ai might be a good starting option for businesses who have no idea where to begin but would like to get some sort of inspiration.

But if you're serious about building a strong brand that stands out in a crowded market, you're better off investing in a professional designer who can create a custom design that truly represents your brand and communicates your message effectively. Or, if that’s not an option right now, Canva offers many more options with more ways to customize.


What’s next?

While the idea behind designs ai is intriguing, the technology just isn't there yet (as of April 2023!).

As AI continues to advance, I'm hopeful that we'll see more sophisticated design tools that can truly deliver on their promises.

But for now, if you want a design that truly represents your brand and sets you apart from the competition, it's best to work with a professional designer who can create a custom design tailored to your specific needs.

Or, if DIY is more of your vibe, use Canva to customize it better to your unique business.

If you’re just starting out and have no idea how to start DIYing your brand, check out Get Your Brand Together - my free brand design training.