3 Key Visual Branding Mistakes to Avoid

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3 Key Visual Branding Mistakes to Avoid


  • Overcomplication: Simplify your logo and design elements for clarity.

  • Inconsistency: Avoid trends and maintain a consistent brand identity with a brand guide.

  • Generic Branding: Infuse authenticity and unique attributes to make your brand memorable and stand out.

Feeling like your brand is blending into the online crowd instead of standing out?

Branding can be a challenging concept, particularly for non-designers, and even more so for small business owners wearing many hats. As a seasoned brand designer who has worked with numerous heart-centered wellness and coaching businesses, I've noticed a pattern of three significant branding blunders they often make.

But no worries! I'm here to take you through these oversights, guide you on how to fix them, and help you elevate your brand to its rightful level of uniqueness and authenticity.

So, get comfy and let's dive in!

1. Over Complication: The Puzzle Syndrome 🧩

Ever looked at your logo and thought, "Wait, what does this mean?" We've all been there. You start adding elements, each symbolizing a core aspect of your business or mission, and soon you end up with a confusing design that perplexes your audience. The result is a brand that looks unprofessional, complex, and limiting.


How to Fix It?

Simplicity is Sophistication. 

Pare down your design elements. Less is more when it comes to effective branding. Remove one or two elements and see if your brand message becomes clearer. Your brand will grow and evolve over time, and so should its simplicity and clarity.

2. Inconsistency: The Chasing Trends Trap 🌪️

Chasing design trends is a slippery slope. You see a captivating design online and immediately feel the urge to claim it. Before you go down that path, take a deep breath. Your brand needs to resonate with your business and remain consistent for long-term success. Data shows that consistent brand identity can increase profit by 33%.


How to Fix It?

Your brand guide is your lifeline. 

By using the same colors, fonts, and logo variations, you maintain consistency and reinforce your brand. Build your brand guide with your unique elements, such as typography, colors, icons, and gradients. Consistency leads to brand trust and genuine fans. (Need help figuring out your brand guide? Head over to this blog post)

3. Generic: The Bland Brand Phenomenon 😴

The most significant blunder: allowing your brand to lack authenticity! If your brand lacks authenticity, it won't resonate with your audience, and you'll miss out on valuable connections.


How to Fix It?

Infuse your Key Brand Attributes into your brand identity. This will help you strategically convey specific feelings and create an authentic, memorable brand. Embracing your unique brand may take courage, but it unlocks new business levels. Once you align your brand with your personality, you can create a Brand Blueprint that stands out.

Now it’s your turn!

Your brand is more than just a logo or color palette - it's your business's essence. Avoiding these mistakes can help your brand stand out, resonate with your audience, and be authentically you. If you need help figuring out your authentic brand, I'm here for you. 

Check out how we can work together or DIY with my free training Get Your Brand Together.


How do I simplify my brand's visual identity?
Focus on minimalism. Remove unnecessary elements from your logo and branding materials to make your message clearer.

Why is consistency important in branding?
Consistency reinforces your brand identity, builds trust, and can increase revenue by making your brand more recognizable and reliable.

What makes a brand look generic?
A lack of unique features and personal touch can make a brand appear bland and forgettable.

How can I make my brand stand out?
Infuse your personal or business's unique attributes into your brand identity to create a distinctive and authentic presence.