Hiring a Brand Designer: What You Need to Know Beforehand

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Hiring a Brand Designer: What You Need to Know Beforehand


  • Brand designers create identities that resonate and strategically position your brand.

  • They can significantly impact how your audience sees you, attracting ideal clients and distinguishing you in the market.

  • Know your business (offerings, audience, problems solved) before hiring.

  • Seek clarity in your goals but embrace collaboration; strategy precedes design.

  • Costs vary; view hiring as an investment.

  • Find designers through their work, your network, or referrals, focusing on compatibility and proven results.

Think back to when you were launching your brand new business. One of the early messages you heard as a business owner was that you must brand yourself immediately! So you started looking things up like "build your brand" and decided to DIY your brand identity. That launched your business off to an okay start but now… you know you need to elevate and organize your brand to bring better results. 

You want a brand that embodies what it's like to work with you and that resonates instantly with your target audience. And now you are ready to hire a brand designer. Yay! 

You're here because you might be wondering if there are steps you need to take before hiring an expert. 

Ready to see what those can't-miss steps are? Let's dive in.

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brand designer smiling
brand designer smiling
brand designer smiling

What is a brand designer?

Before we get into how a brand designer can support your business and how to find the right one, we need to define what a brand designer is. 

A branding designer is an expert on building a cohesive and recognizable brand or visual identity for a company or product. They dive into your brand colors, archetypes, brand stories, typography, and more. These professionals deeply understand how design works and affects buyers, they strategically create visuals, and help you define an impactful brand identity for your business so that you can make more sales and deepen connections with your ideal client.

If you're wondering what the difference is between a graphic designer and brand designer, check out this article!

What a branding designer does

In simple terms, brand designers blend art and science to create a cohesive, unique, and recognizable visual identity for your brand in a way that speaks to your target audience. Brand designers (also known as personal branding specialists or corporate identity designers) assess and accurately reflect your brand's mission, story, and vision. They not only build identities for businesses but also provide guidelines and strategies for rebranding. 

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Why you should hire a brand designer

If you want to be known as the life coach for visionaries or the massage therapist for cyclists or the business coach for creatives—you must create a strong brand identity that resonates with your audience and aligns with who you are and what your business does. This helps you stand out in a saturated industry (i.e., copywriting, health and wellness, online coaching, podcasting).

There are many benefits to working with a brand design expert, and here are a few:

  • Stop feeling paralyzed, unsure what your brand should be

  • Attract the right clients

  • Increase your impact

  • Create a consistent and cohesive brand

  • Get your time back, so you can focus on doing more of what you love

  • Build credibility and familiarity online

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What to do before hiring a brand designer

Before hiring a brand designer, you need your business foundation in place.

Your business foundation is made up of your offers, your target audience, and the problem you solve. 

Small business owners tend to invest in their logo design first—without realizing the strategy is the most important part. (With a strong strategy before designing visuals, your "branding" is more likely to yield better results for your business.)


What happens if you jump into hiring a logo designer, graphic or branding designer too early?

You may end up with a logo and website design that are quickly out-of-date or unaligned.

However, if you take the time to understand and let your business take shape over those first couple years, you'll get even better results from working with a brand designer! (The first year, I've found, is mostly experimentation for us small business owners.)

Consider these your brand designer insider tips! Whenever you show up to a consultation call with the following tips in mind, the designer on the other side of the screen is going to love you!


Tip #1: Show up prepared.

By the time you're ready to hire a brand designer, you should have a strong sense of, your business foundation and a clear vision of what you want your impact to be. 

Tip #2: Collaboration is the name of the game.

As a Holistic Brand Designer, I have a pretty good eye for distilling your style during our first call. However, I love when clients collaborate throughout the process! We often get the best results when you’re right there in the process with me. That means sharing all your insights, ideas, big business dreams and honest feedback.

You should also know these things before hiring a designer... 

Create your brand identity before any marketing graphics.

If you're thinking of working with a brand designer and a graphic designer, you need to hire your brand designer first. As we discussed above, a brand designer will create your, Brand Blueprint and that will be used to create any visuals moving forward (your website design, your social media templates, etc). 

(Psst! Some brand designers offer both strategy and graphic design at once - You're in luck, because that’s exactly what I do. Read more about me here!)

Questions to ask your brand designer

Before you go into a consultation call with a designer or even send off that initial inquiry, compile a list of questions to ask. It'll help ensure you hire the best brand designer for your business!

Start with these questions:

  • What's included in your brand design services? (and why)

  • What is your approach to branding?

  • How are you different from other brand designers and agencies?

  • Could you walk me through your design process?

  • What is your turnaround time for projects?

  • Do you offer payment plans?

In keeping with the theme of what to know before you hire a brand designer... 


You should be prepared to answer questions like:

  • Who is your ideal client?

  • Tell me why you’re looking for a professional brand designer.

  • What has to have happened in 3 months for your brand to be a dream come true for you?

  • What do you believe in?

  • What’s your timeline?

  • Walk me through your client experience process - what does that look like?

Having answers (even if they're still mumbly jumbly) is something you should have in mind before reaching out to a brand designer.

How much does a brand designer cost?

If you're looking for simple brand visuals like a logo, a simple logo off of Fiverr can be anywhere from $50-$300. However, if the designer is creating a logo simply based on aesthetics, in 6 months you'll find yourself spending another $50-$300 to create a new logo—repeating the process all over again. (And making the investment feel like a waste.)

...keep in mind how much it could be costing you to not have a cohesive and compelling brand strategy in place. 


  • How many clients haven't reached out simply because you didn't look credible or professional? 

  • How many projects have you missed because your high-touch client experience wasn't reflected in your identity? 

  • How many times could having a solid brand base have helped you make a sale?


We're dreaming bigger over here! These are the price ranges you can expect to see from holistic brand designers…

Big brand design agencies charge anywhere from $10,000–50,000+, depending on the project. These typically involve multiple employees working on your brand while they also work on additional projects at the same time and can take anywhere from 6 months to 1+ years until delivery. 

Freelance brand designers can charge anywhere from $2K to $8K, however, everyone has different processes, years of experience and specific practices. 

Is it better to work with a freelance brand designer or a branding agency?

Here are some things to expect when working with a freelance brand designer vs. a branding agency.

Working with a branding agency:

  • They can offer additional professional services like app development, social media content, and even target multiple industries – from SaaS to dentistry.

  • They are likely to have 4+ people working on your project – from a project manager to a creative director. (Talk about many cooks in the kitchen!) 

Working with a freelance brand designer:

  • A focused project where you’re working one-on-one with the brand expert. (Sometimes brand designers also have a network of other experts - copywriters, developers, etc. - who can be brought into the project if necessary.) 

  • Typically more affordable than big agencies with faster timelines. 


Interested in working together? Get in touch!

brand designer working on computer

Where to find brand designers

Finding the perfect brand designer doesn't have to feel like fishing out your engagement ring from the bread you're kneading.

These are your best-bet strategic places to find your brand design partner:


Ah, yes, the internet. You might just want to take to Google immediately and search things like "brand design services" or "hire brand designer for rebrand." 

My #1 tip here is to take a peek at their portfolio and read more about their experience. You'll want to see examples of their work and determine if their focus aligns with your business.

You'll also want to be on the lookout for reviews and testimonials from past clients. Pay attention to immediate wins and how the new brand has changed their business.

On social media

Social media can be an overwhelming place to be but sometimes you can find great experts. To look for a brand designer on these platforms, try searching based on your industry (+ brand designer), check out their work and content.

When searching for a brand designer on platforms like Instagram or TikTok, check out their visuals.

Are you able to get a sense of their personality and the client experience they provide?

Referrals from your network

A recommendation from another trusted business owner can save you so much time! Referral marketing is like apple pie—it's classic and never going out of style.)

Ask around in online communities, networks, and groups you're a part of. And if any recommendations overlap, that’s a good sign!

Being referred to a brand designer imparts a sense of immediate trust and credibility. It suggests a positive experience and happy clients.

brand designer selecting inspiration for a project

How to choose a brand designer

Finding and selecting the best designer for your business takes some investigating. (I know! That is not what small business owners want to hear! But it's true.) 

There are a variety of factors I notice clients weighing when they're in the process of hiring a designer.

Some business owners prefer to work with brand designers based near them so they can collaborate in-person. However, thanks to technology, that's not a requirement to have fantastic results in your branding. (In fact, I’m currently based in the U.S., however I work with many businesses in Australia, for example.)

You’ll likely want to hire a brand designer who works with people and businesses like yours. (Think: similar industries, values, etc.)

Below I share more about clients who enjoy partnering with me!

Here are some tips for hiring a brand designer for your business:

  • Make sure to note their values and experiences

  • Review their client case studies and results they have brought to previous clients 

  • Submit an inquiry and book a call with the designer to make sure you’re a mutual good fit

  • Get to know their process: how long it takes, what it entails, and why it is the way it is.

What they have to say about working with me

“Your approach and the brand designs you create fall in line with my preferences: super clean, refined, clever use of personality, and timeless.” - Courtney Fanning

“Vero came highly recommended by one of their former clients, whom I trusted.” - Bryn Panee Burkhart

“I loved the entire process. By clarifying the brand values, mission and ideal client, it was much easier to create clear effective and elegant branding that suits what I offer.” - Amanda Deitsch

What is it like to work with Verô, a holistic brand designer?

The small business owners who resonate most with me and my work are:

  • heart-centered, purpose-driven

  • wellness practitioners (yoga teachers, acupuncturists, massage therapists)

  • coaches (life, career, and business coaches) 

  • authors, podcasters, marketers, copywriters, lawyers, etc.

  • people who value authenticity, intentionality, and making a positive impact through their business

  • seeking a brand designer to craft a branding that deeply aligns with their ethos and mission

If that sounds like you, you're going to love this next part!

Here's a peek into my brand design solutions and process...

I believe you deserve a Brand Blueprint that fits your needs like a glove.

Rather than trying to fit you into a cookie-cutter package, we’ll meet to discuss your goals and big business dreams and put together a plan with everything you need (and nothing you don't). 

Our time together will flow like this...

Brand Strategy

I get to know the heart and soul of your brand. I'll spend time exploring your goals, vision, style, target audience, and determine how to make your brand shine bright.

Brand Identity

This is where you'll find your cohesive brand design. We begin with a brand audit (if necessary), refreshed color palette, font combination, and logo design—delivered in a digital brand style guide.


With your brand identity in hand, designing your website (or anything else) will feel easy breezy! I'll bring your designs to live with love (and a lot of tea).


Continue building your legacy through your marketing—from slide decks to business cards to social posts. Your beautiful brand is ready for the spotlight!


Your next step…

If you like what you've read and seen so far, reach out! Submit your inquiry and we'll get on a call to talk all about your dream-come-true brand. Get in touch!

If you’d like to see examples of recent client work, check out my portfolio. Remember—when you are ready to take your brand design to the next level, you can get in touch with me. I'd love to hear about your vision and support you on this journey to reach your goals!

And friend, if right now isn't the best time to hire a designer, that’s totally OK. You might like my free training, Get Your Brand Together, which helps you intentionally get your visual branding started on your own. 

I'm so happy you stopped by! It's my hope that this article has shown you how impactful it can be to not only hire a brand designer, but to hire the best brand designer for your business—at the right time.



Brand Designer vs. Graphic Designer: What's the difference?
Brand designers focus on your brand's overall visual identity with strategy in mind, while graphic designers might focus more on specific pieces without the strategic foundation. More in this blog post.

Why hire a brand designer?
To elevate your brand with a cohesive and strategic identity that resonates with your audience and distinguishes you in the market.

Pre-hire must-dos?
Have a solid understanding of your business's core (offers, audience, problems solved) ready for a strategic partnership.

How much will it cost?
It varies. Consider what aligns with your needs and view it as a strategic investment.

How to choose the right one?
Look for someone whose work you admire and who understands your vision and industry.