Wellness logo: what's a good logo and how to make it your own

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Wellness logo: what's a good logo and how to make it your own

Chances are, if you asked a 5-year old to point at Target, pick a Nike shoe from the shelf or guess where you bought your iPhone, they’d get all three right.

So, what is it about these legendary brands that make them so influential? The iconic bullseye, single swoosh, and the “i” are distinct and have stood the test of time. 

And although these brands belong to massive corporations, the same goes for small purpose-driven businesses in the health and wellness industry. You see, logos, when designed effectively, can leave a lasting impression on your audience.

And the same concepts come into play when creating a great wellness logo.

That’s why, in this blog, I’ll be diving deep into the world of logos and help you start creating your very own wellness logo for your health and wellness company.

So, without further ado, let's get started!


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3 tips to create an authentic and timeless logo
3 tips to create an authentic and timeless logo
3 tips to create an authentic and timeless logo
3 tips to create an authentic and timeless logo

3 tips to create an authentic and timeless wellness logo

Do you want to create a wellness logo? Well, grab your chai and a notebook, as this blog is packed with information you will want to write down! Here are 3 tips to get you started in your wellness logo adventure:

holistic branding

Tip #1: Start by thinking holistically

Your visual brand identity communicates your mission, value propositions, and unique personality. 

Your logo doesn't have to hold the entire weight of your branding. Other elements like your color palette, fonts, and designs support your logo.

But before you get to the drawing board, define what makes your company unique from other wellness brands.

Whether you hire a branding expert or are DIYing, the visual strategy is an essential part of building wellness logos. The way you display your business to your audience, the way you network and connect with others and the way you choose to work with your clients all form part of your brand.

So, if you are a budding entrepreneur, you probably already have some kind of brand right now and you don’t even know it! And that’s why you want to get it right early on so that you can move forward confidently in your business and create a lasting brand reputation.

brand designer writing

Some questions to help you define your wellness business brand identity

Answering the following questions will enable you to gain some clarity around your visual brand identity:

  • Why did you start this business? 

  • What are your core values

  • Who is your target audience? And, what do they care about? Don’t just think age demographic; think mindset, worldviews, and aspirations. Who do they trust? What’s on their to-do list, imagine their story.

  • What impact do you hope to make?

  • If your brand was a person, how would you describe them? Choose 3-4 descriptive words. 



Tip #2: Consider the purpose of your wellness logo

Essentially, as a health and wellness brand, you strive to create products and services that make your customers happier and healthier. To stay aligned with this purpose, you want to think about how wellness logos can translate that purpose.

But remember, your logo doesn't need to do all the heavy lifting in your branding. Other pieces like colors and design elements support the entire identity.

Keep your ideal customer in mind when designing wellness logos. Will the shape, patterns, colors, fonts, and other elements make them feel the way you’d want them to feel when engaging with your brand.


Another purpose your logo has is more on the functional side: recognition.

Wellness logos should be on all brand products from product packaging to website, business cards, and email design. So keep this in mind when designing yours. Does it look too “noisy” when it's used in different scales? Don’t let noise disrupt your clear communication and take away from your logo’s ability to connect instantly with your audience. 


Tip #3: Look for wellness logos inspiration

Pulling your hair out, a million tabs open, and been snacking on way too much sugar for the past 6 hours? You’re not alone! Finding the right wellness logos for your brand can be a pretty tricky affair. Let’s de-stress this process and adopt a more mindful approach, shall we? Here are some helpful tips on making the design process easy. 



By brainstorming ideas and writing them down, you can come up with creative logo designs. Whether you own health food stores, a yoga studio, or treatment centers the possibilities are endless! Don’t think too much about whether your ideas are good or not - the whole point of brainstorming is using one idea to create more ideas, while keeping your strategy in mind, as a guide.


Surround yourself with inspiration

As a brand designer, Pinterest is my favorite go-to for design inspiration. At the beginning of any client project, I usually spend some time scrolling through Pinterest to find wellness logo ideas, designs, colors, and images that align with the brand strategy. You can also cut out printed images from magazines and place them on a mood board. 


Research your audience

Remember that your wellness logo design needs to connect with your audience, above all. Take some time to write down everything you know about your ideal customer. Who is your audience? What words do they use to describe you? The more you know, the easier it will be to create the perfect logo that will suit your goals. 

For example, let's say you have a yoga studio. Who are your members? Are they part of your neighborhood? What do they care about or believe in? How does your yoga studio make their life better?


Keep it simple

Most times, the simpler the better. Allow your brand to initially express itself through other ways like your color palette or fonts. Keep your logo simple, modern and timeless and let it evolve as your brand evolves. Once you understand what you offer and more about your audience you can better select a symbol that translates everything your company is about.


Ask for help

While brainstorming and looking for inspiration is good, calling the experts can save you a lot of time. Getting an external perspective is powerful in creating something truly unique. Sometimes, you just need a fresh pair of eyes and another point of view to get things going in the right direction. Or, you can also hand over the reins to professional designers to do it for you.


Logo colors and fonts

So, you’re now on your 4th cinnamon latte and have gathered some pretty solid logo ideas. What next? Turn these ideas into a design. Your design style encompasses colors, typography, graphics, and shapes. 

three colors with like icon on top


Colors can evoke emotions and explain your brand story better. When creating your own wellness logo play with colors to provide a better brand color story.

Here’s a hot tip from a branding expert: avoid copying or choosing colors based on what other wellness companies are doing. Remember, your brand represents you and your unique business, nobody else. 

And another pro-tip (I’m feeling generous!): Before setting off to finding the perfect brand colors, create your logo in black and white. Then, start adding colors to your design. If it works in black and white, it will work in other colors too!

brand designer selecting inspiration

Consider your own color choice. What do you want it to represent? Color psychology plays a big role in picking colors for your brand.

If you want to learn more about colors in branding for your health and wellness brand, make sure to read my in-depth blog here.

abc in two different fonts


Like colors, fonts stimulate emotions and convey specific styles in a custom logo. Various fonts suit different businesses. There are four major types of typography: Serif, San serif, and slabs. 


Serif: Do you want to give your brand that established and trustworthy feel? Serif would be a good choice for your logo design. Serifs are known to represent sophistication and tradition.

sans serif

Sans-Serif: San serif isn't a bad idea if you want to add some sleekness to your logo design. Sans-serifs are known to convey modernism and innovation.


Slab: Slabs are known for their super thick, blocky serifs. If you're looking to make a statement in your logo design, a slab serif could be a good direction.



Where to find good fonts for your wellness logo?

There are some wonderful free, open sourced fonts out there. Just head over to Google Fonts or Adobe Fonts (if you have the subscription).

But, there are also amazing small type foundries that offer high quality fonts that you can use for your wellness logo design. I love using these for private branding clients!

If you'd like my complete list of small type foundries I love and recommend, head over to Get Your Brand Together where I share the same design resources I use in my client projects, there's a ton of gold in there. Go check it out!

Different types of logos

There are various types of logos to choose from based on your brand needs. Let's take a close look at some of them.

  • Wordmarks: If you're just starting out, wordmarks would be a good logo design to use. They're simply your brand name spelled out.

  • Pictorial marks: Also called logo symbols, pictorial marks are illustrations or images that portray your brand. Whether simple or complex, ensure you choose a symbol that's relative to your business. Depending on your preference, you can decide to combine these symbols with wordmarks.

  • Emblem: This logo design incorporates both words and pictorial elements. Emblems are usually a blend of symbols and icons. 


How many logos do you need?

Whether you're creating a wordmark or logomark for your logo design, I highly recommend creating 2 sets of logos that you can use in different situations: your primary and secondary wellness logo.

Your primary logo is the logo design you'll use most often.

Your secondary logo is a shorter version or smaller version of your primary logo. This allows you to have a backup visual for instances where your primary logo isn't legible – think things like your favicon or adding your logo to a small pin.

Make sure your health and wellness logo works really big and really small, it needs to hold on its own in a huge billboard as well as in a tiny sticker.


Wellness logo ideas & an example

While my dear friend and design student Alysa from Sacred Salary was creating her first logo in Canva, she asked me for a quick review + some ideas to take her health and wellness logo to the next level. Check out the video below for a Loom review filled with tips and tricks you can use:

brand designer smiling

Build a unique and impactful logo for your wellness business

Now you know the top things to consider when designing a logo for your wellness brand, go ahead and start creating!

Don’t let your first designs shy you away - part of the creative process is playing with different, sometimes ridiculously bad, design ideas until you hit that sweet spot! Above all, make sure your logo reflects your brand strategy and connects with your audience’s heart.


The one thing you want to note: consistency is key!

Create a solid logo and brand from the start so that you can use it consistently. This alone will build familiarity with your audience and your brand will become instantly recognizable just like Nike, Apple and Target.


Create a timeless wellness brand

This blog covered the basics of logo design but there’s so much more involved when creating your authentic brand!

From brand aesthetics to creating an intentional brand, I cover everything you need to set yourself up for success when designing your logo for your health and wellness brand, in Get Your Brand Together.

This training covers everything you need to know about intentional visual branding for your wellness business. Did I tickle your curiosity yet? Click here to learn more.